AUHE Executive


Professor Nicole Moore
Professor Nicole Moore
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
UNSW Canberra
Po Box 7916
Canberra, BC 2610


Vice-President (Administation):

Doctor Matt McGuire
Dr. Matthew McGuire


Vice-President (Financial):

A/Prof. Brigitta Olubas


Vice-President (Outreach):

Image result for leigh dale ouw
Prof. Leigh Dale


Executive Committee:
Prof. Nicole Moore, President
Dr. Matthew McGuire, Vice-President
A/Prof. Brigitta Olubas, Vice-President
Prof. Leigh Dale, Vice-President
Prof. Ralph Crane (State Representative, Tasmania)
Dr. Clare Archer-Lean (State Representative, Queensland)
Dr. Deborah Pike (State Representative, New South Wales)
Prof. Ken Gelder (State Representative, Victoria)
Dr. Monique Rooney (State Representative, ACT)
A/Prof. Kieran Dolin (State Representative, Western Australia)
A/Prof. Giselle Bastin  (State Representative, South Australia)
A/Prof. Tom Clark, President of AULLA
Dr. Chris Danta, President of AAL
Prof. Sue Martin, President of ASAL