AUHE congratulates Tony Hughes-d’Aeth on his appointment to the Chair of Australian Literature!

The AUHE would like to warmly congratulate Tony Hughes-d’Aeth on his appointment as the new Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Western Australia.

18th May 2018 University of Western Australia Perth, Western Australia Travis Hayto Photography
Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, Travis Hayto Photography

Associate Professor Tony Hughes-d’Aeth replaces inaugural Chair Emeritus Professor Philip Mead who retired in 2018. An active member of AUHE, Professor Hughes-d’Aeth is particularly known for his work on Australian literary history and the relationship between Australian literature and the environment. Associate Professor Hughes-d’Aeth said he was thrilled to take up the role as Chair and promote Australian literature broadly as an academic discipline and a site of cultural activity. “I love connecting with people through literature,” he said. “Literature brings out dimensions to life that are sometimes missed in the transactions of everyday discussions. But it also opens a door to our deepest beliefs, fears and hopes.” “It is really important in a country like Australia, with its complex colonial history, that literature exists as a space for thinking through who we are.”