The 2020 AUHE Prize in Literary Scholarship Announced

Congratulations to Paul Sharrad, winner of the 2020 AUHE Prize for Literary Scholarship for his study Thomas Keneally’s Career and the Literary Machine (Anthem Press). The judges commented: Paul Sharrad’s Thomas Keneally’s Career and the Literary Machine is a highly engaging, deeply researched and richly sourced analysis of Keneally’s multi-faceted career and its shifting receptionContinue reading “The 2020 AUHE Prize in Literary Scholarship Announced”

2019 AUHE Prize in Literary Scholarship Judges Report

Panel: Ann Vickery (Chair), Tom Clark, Ben Etherington Winner Guy Davidson, Categorically Famous: Literary Celebrity and Sexual Liberation in 1960s America In his deep study of the careers and work of James Baldwin, Susan Sontag, and Gore Vidal, Guy Davidson demonstrates how their negotiation of literary celebrity was integrally tied to their sexual identity, somethingContinue reading “2019 AUHE Prize in Literary Scholarship Judges Report”

2018 AUHE Judges Report

Winner: Ben Etherington, Literary Primitivism Literary Primitivism is a highly ambitious and brave work of criticism in which Ben Etherington argues persuasively for a reconceptualization of the project of primitivism and a re-evaluation of its significance. Distinguishing it from modernism and expressionism, Etherington demonstrates how primitivism was historically delineated across both the West and non-WestContinue reading “2018 AUHE Judges Report”

Inaugural AUHE Prize for Literary Scholarship Announced

Congratulations to Elizabeth McMahon, winner of the inaugural AUHE prize for literary scholarship for her study Islands, Identity and the Literary Imagination. The award was announced at the AUHE annual meeting on 1 December with congratulations to all of the short-listed authors and excitement about the quality of scholarship exhibited in this new award. The judges’Continue reading “Inaugural AUHE Prize for Literary Scholarship Announced”